Know our products

At Velas from ibiza Fire is an energy purifying element that calms and soothes the body, soul and mind. 

It is a representative icon of life and energy that is present in all religions through candles, objects that have become synonymous with peace.

Likewise, fragrances have been used over the years to improve mood and recreate spiritual experiences. Aromas whose properties multiply when fused with fire. This is why candles are currently an essential element in any space in which it is intended to generate a sense of confidence, tranquility and well-being.

All Velas de Ibiza products are made with high-quality raw materials such as hydrogenated paraffin, free of toxins, and vegetable waxes. 

Their low melting point allows them to be completely consumed and, thus, to be used to the fullest.

Likewise, we are committed to caring for the environment and, as far as possible, we offer sustainable articles and packaging.

Our packaging follows the principles of the circular economy, which implies reducing, recycling and reusing existing materials and products as many times as possible. In this way, its life cycle is extended and added value is created.


  • Conclusion 100% natural.
  • They do not emit toxins into the air.  
  • The aromatics burn at a lower temperature than usual.
  • They are the healthiest and most environmentally friendly option.